Browser Wars

Do you ever wonder how you read this in my blog? How in a simple click can give you the chance to search for the information you want to know?

A long time ago, no one could ever imagine a great invention that came out of the blue which is the internet. Now, it is impossible for most people to imagine a life without it. Every invention has its time, and the internet is the greatest invention of this time.

It is the true story of the internet on how Netscape dominated the emerging World Wide Web and how Microsoft focused on the internet against Netscape. It all began with the vicious power struggle to decide who will control the future of the just emerging web. There was also a meeting between these two companies with different versions.  A struggle that ended with an epic courtroom battle between Micorosoft’s Internet Explorer against Netscape’s Navigator and would forever be remembered as the browser wars. Although the Microsoft had won the war, the revolution started by Netscape unleashed a new generation of startups, companies like Google. The domination has its own reign. It is again proven that “even the most powerful empire had disappeared in one click.”

The road to enjoy the internet was not easy. It faced through rough roads that required a lot of effort, sleepless nights, pile of cash, and strategies. Their agenda maybe not really only focused on the development of internet but also to win the browser wars for profit and protection in their respective companies. I am so amazed on how browser evolved to what we are using nowadays. Many people exert their time and effort to develop and give us a glimpse on what future will bring us in the field of technology. It is a paradigm of advancement and starving for more and more. This internet age is unstoppable with its billions of users around the world. However, we need to realize that this invention was not easy. Through this, we will be aware and give more importance to the people with great minds and sacrifices behind it and how it all started.


IT and Me

Whenever I feel alone, I don’t know how I can express the little voices in my brain. How can I entertain myself in the middle of silence? How can I find someone to listen on my story?

These questions have been answered by information technology.  It serves as my company even if I am just staying in one place. I am informed with the current events not only in the country but all over the world. Through this, I am aware what is happening in my surroundings. I cannot live without music but through IT, I can easily choose what songs are applicable to my mood.  Communication is also essential to me.  I want to get in touch to my family, relatives, and friends and to meet new faces who will help me throughout my journey.  Information technology has a great impact on my studies because I can search information in an instant way.  Through this, I can learn from different sources and choose the reliable one.

I know it may sound simple but I just want to say that I am so thankful about information technology in my life. I feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams when I go to sleep each night. And even though I have my hard times, I can say that IT really helps me.